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CD & DVD Replication

CD replication involves making exacting copies of CDs from a glass master through plastic injection moulding. The process for DVD replication is similar though can contain more than one layer.


Sometimes this is called CD pressing or DVD pressing as opposed to duplicated discs that are burnt.


CD replication run sizes start at 500 units and go upwards from there to whatever is needed. If you are requiring a quick turnaround I would look at the CD duplication method.


The advantage of CD replication is a reduced cost to the end user as opposed to CD duplication. This is the same for DVD replication and even more so for DVD9. The timeframe for CD replication is generally 10 days to 2 weeks. Though we do have methods to speed this up when needed the try to be as cost competitive as possible.


Here at 3xL we only do the premium quality replicated CD’s(There is a wide variety in the marketplace) this is the same for replicated DVD’s.


When using the CD replication method or the DVD replication method you can submit your master as a Redbook audio master or a DDP master.


For the print on the disc you can either do an offset CMYK print if you are using a picture or anything with a gradient on it. Spot colours are also available for the CD replication. This is done with screen printing and is ideal for anything with a solid colour. There is also a choice of different base types from silver or white and even a partial white cut away white are most common. This is the same for DVD replication. All artwork should be provided at 300 dpi in CMYK mode. All paper and cardboard parts should have 3 mm bleed


DVD replication can have the addition of macro vision or CSS encryption. This is done at mastering stage and is an extra charge.


3xL is committed to providing the highest possible quality on their replicated CD’s and replicated DVD’s at the best possible price. All products are guaranteed to be as the master provided. All materials used are of premium quality. With our attention to detail and experience on artwork for replicated CDs and replicated DVD’s combined with our high levels of service results and are fantastic product for our clients.


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