3xL has been providing high quality CD/DVD’s from jewel cases to traypaks/digipak since 2002.

All replicated and duplicated discs are of the highest quality at competitive prices.

Replication is a process that involves pressing a disc from the base components (polycarbonate). Replication is also referred to as a pressed disc. Replication is used on runs of 500 or more. Replication has two print types available for the disc print, either offset CMYK or spot colours.

Packages for replication range from disc only through to jewel cases, digipak and other specialized items. When using the replication method, offset printers are used to ensure the highest quality and cheapest price.

Duplication involves burning content onto a pre-made disc then printing. Discs made by duplication can have an inkjet or thermal print. The thermal print offers the best quality available for print and durability. Inkjet prints do not have the same durability and can wear out or scratch off. We recommend high resolution thermal printing for duplication. The CD’s and DVD’s used by 3XL for duplication are of the highest quality which is essential to ensure playback on all systems.

All products, both replication and duplication represent the best value available.