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Vinyl & Vinyl Manufacturing

Here at 3xL we have been manufacturing the highest quality Vinyls and Vinyls since 2003.


We have two types of Vinyl manufacturing processes. The first is Vinyl duplication and the second is Vinyl replication. We also do Vinyl duplication and Vinyl replication.


When manufacturing Vinyls any runs under 500 done by the Vinyl duplication method and any runs over 500 done via Vinyl replication. The choice of which one to go for can sometimes be denoted by the per unit cost. Vinyl replication is much faster it is completed at a lower cost. Vinyl duplication usually has a higher manufacturing cost and is ideal for shorter runs under 500. Generally after about 250 units of Vinyl duplication it becomes cheaper to switch to Vinyl replication.


We guarantee both methods of Vinyl manufacturing to be of the highest quality. Duplicated Vinyl’s are manufactured by applying a print to the top of a preprepared Vinyl and then burning on the content. There are different manufacturing processes to print on the Vinyl a few of these available in the marketplace Vinyl labels, inkjet printed Vinyl’s and thermal printed Vinyls. The Vinyl labels are not very good quality and can cause playability problems. The next step up is an inkjet disc sometimes called a digital disc. Some of these are not water resistance and all of them ultimately will have the label wearout. The top of the range is a high res thermal discs. They have high colour accuracy and exceedingly durable. Our Vinyl burning factory is in Sydney, but we can deliver our Vinyl duplication, Vinyl duplication to Melbourne and Brisbane. For Melbourne Vinyl duplication or Brisabane Vinyl manufacturing, pls contact our office for details


When Vinyl manufacturing Vinyl duplicated come in a wide range of formats from Vinyl-ROMs, Vinyl-ROM XA,Vinyl text Vinyl+G to CBA’s to VinylDA’s and many more. A good list of these definitions on Wikipedia under rainbow books


The most common in use other Redbook audio on the yellow book.


Master is the Vinyl duplication(runs under 500) should be provided on a physical master as a Redbook audio.


When Vinyl manufacturing with Vinyl replicated discs are made up from a glass master and then created straight from the plastic using electrostatic bath and high-pressure plastic injection moulding, with its high throughput enabling economies of scale delivering cheaper per unit prices.


Vinyl replication masters can be provided as a Redbook audio Vinyl or as a DDP master.


3xL’s Vinyl replication and Vinyl duplication are both of the highest quality available and fully guaranteed.


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